Finding well-being at the wheel: how to do it ?

You have often happened to get behind the wheel and felt pain in your skin. The human body is not made to stay still for long and in particular, the sitting position increases the vulnerability of our back.  This is due to the loss of the physiological curves of our spine, resulting from the inappropriate positions we adopt in the car. However, to find absolute comfort behind the wheel, here are some simple suggestions.

Have a correct posture and an adequate riding style

There aren’t really any strict guidelines for body position behind the wheel. But, having as many adjustments in your seat as possible will give you the opportunity to experiment with the most comfortable positions. In fact, it will be up to the body itself to tell you the most correct position through the sensations that will be pleasant on the road.  Our body is interested in feeling good. So don’t worry if you also take a bad posture.  The bottom line is what you can do when you’re not busy driving to rebalance muscle and body tension.

Choose good options for your car

If you suffer from back pain, it is very important to choose a car with lumbar support, electrical or mechanical, with height-adjustable seats, so that you can modify the driving posture according to your needs. If your current vehicle is not configured this way, you can always decide to buy a lumbar cushion which will help you maintain a fairly comfortable position.

Some ideal exercises to do while driving

There are plenty of exercises that can help you turn stressful enforced breaks into enjoyable, spending time at red lights and waiting for someone in the parking lot.  You won’t waste time. In the meantime, you can stretch your muscles to make your joints more relaxed. And why go down, arrived at a station to take gasoline? You can get out of your car to take a few steps so that your joints are more slippery and respond better to movement.