The correct positions for sleeping well

Many people prefer to sleep on their side, but others prefer to sleep on their back or on their stomach.  However, poor posture while sleeping could lead to many problems, such as back pain, neck pain, cramps, and poor blood circulation. After all, it is while we sleep that the body undergoes various processes. Discover in this article the best positions to adopt to correct these harmful effects.

Sleep on one side with a pillow between your legs

In fact, this side position is one of the most recommended and healthy sleeping positions. By considering this position at bedtime, you keep the spine more aligned, but there is a very common concern for those who are not used to it.  Be aware that breathing can be compromised, as well as spinal alignment if there is no pillow. When you add a pillow between your knees, you help avoid direct contact and best correct the position itself. Thus, the torsion of the pelvis decreases, a relaxation of the lateral thigh muscles is easily executed, and therefore your body is very relaxed.

Sleep on the left side

There are several studies related to this position in which you sleep at night.  One of them ensures that the left side is best for sleeping, and not just for nighttime comfort. This posture helps to perform several bodily functions more easily.  That is, when you support the lymphatic system on the left side of the body during sleep, its fluid can move more easily, cleansing toxins from the body and promoting well-being. In addition, sleeping on the left side aids digestion. Because it is on this side, the gastric juices move more naturally, avoiding cases of reflux and rupture. For those who can nap after a meal, this is a great choice. Without forgetting the satiety favored at breakfast. And a great way to explore the benefits of sleep for the heart is to lie on your left side. Finally, this position also helps to keep the back more relaxed.