What are the benefits of a balanced diet ?

The work routine is so intense that we often forget to eat properly. But did you know that eating healthier, while opting for natural foods, in addition to providing positive results, such as improved lipid profile and weight loss, also helps improve your working life? A healthy diet, based on assertive choices and full of good nutrients, contributes to better performance in your career and generates less illness.

A balanced diet leads to a better life

Having good eating habits provides a quality life, disease prevention, and therefore better performance in day-to-day activities. It allows you to have a solid aging and enjoy a lot after so many years of work. You will experience excellent mood, productivity and less illness.  It is also very common to see people dieting on their own and looking for the perfect body. Be aware that this can directly affect their disposition, since it has a deficiency or absence of fundamental nutrients for the body. Note that each diet must be balanced to meet the needs of your body. So you don’t have to do it alone, seek a nutritionist to guide you properly.

A good diet improves productivity and the cognitive part

Consuming natural and healthier foods improves productivity, as it also interferes with concentration.  In the same way that a vehicle engine requires good quality fuel to run well, your brain and entire body also requires the best nutrients to function optimally. A good diet provides a balance of essential nutrients for energy supply. Certain foods, like bananas, can wake up and strengthen mood-related areas of the brain. Hence, a good meal can help you reduce fatigue and improve mood at work. Also, when you don’t have the nutrients you require, reasoning, concentration, memory and physical abilities are compromised. Know that there are certain foods like fish, oil seeds that help improve your memory capacity and your ability to resist stress.